Updated 3rd October 2005 (see below....)

Welcome to the site. This site provides information regarding the conflicting agreements and rules between Spymac.com - a Macintosh community; and theapplecollection.com - a part of the Spymac Network, and a site which collects images from around the internet (including Spymac's member's galleries) and posts them on their site in order to attract visitors.

On the following pages, I have provided a complete transcript of the email received by Mr David Vincent, owner of TheAppleCollection.com, regarding an agreement he claims to exist between himself and the website Spymac.com. When asked to remove an original piece of work from his site (see email #1) he replied (email #2) stating that his agreement with Spymac.com - where the image was originally uploaded - allows him to take images from the Spymac galleries to use on his website. Ironically, the Spymac Terms of Service have very strict rules against uploading copyrighted work.

Surely, if work uploaded to Spymac must be owned by the person uploading it, then their agreement with TheAppleCollection.com is in direct opposition to their policy regarding copyright? It seems so.

Update: Finally, on the 3rd of October - more than a month after I first contacted the website owner, and almost three months since my image was actually stolen - theapplecollection.com have taken my work off their website.